How to Prepare For Cybercrime Threats In The Cannabis Industry

Like any business sector, the cannabis industry must be aware of and protect against cybercrime threats. As the cannabis sector continues to grow and prosper, it becomes a more enticing target for cybercriminals.

Are you doing what’s needed to protect your cannabis business?

What Threats Do You Need To Be Aware Of?

IP Theft

There are a number of key threats currently facing the cannabis industry, one of which is the theft of intellectual property. Specifically, cybercriminals are targeting the following types of cannabis businesses:

  • Research and extraction firms
  • Cultivators
  • Consumption and retail operations

It’s at these points in the seed-to-sale chain that cannabis industry members are the most high-value targets. Cybercriminals target these types of businesses to access and steal intellectual property, such as new strains being developed, marketing strategies and technological cultivation techniques.

In the event that this type of information is compromised, cultivators could lose their competitive edge within a highly active industry.

Payment System Vulnerabilities

You also need to be considering the security of your cannabis payment systems. Due to how cash-heavy the industry has been, there has been considerable opportunity for the introduction of new payment systems to help simplify these processes.

Unfortunately, these new systems are often ideal targets for hackers. They have been developed quickly to fill a large demand, a process during which corners are often cut, especially when it comes to security.

Whether online, mobile-based, or both, these new apps and systems need to be vetted properly to make sure they aren’t putting your data at risk.

Customer Data Breaches

You also need to consider the security of your customers’ financial and medical information. Due to the medical use of the product, the cannabis industry overlaps with the healthcare world. The Protected Health Information (PHI) you deal with has to be secured against cybercriminals.

How Can You Protect Your Cannabis Business?

When you’re not sure if you have the skills or knowledge to get the job done, what can you do? Consult with cybersecurity experts.

The right IT services partner will manage your cybersecurity, simple as that. Instead of needing an employee or internal team to keep your tech and data secure, you let someone else with the skills and knowledge do it for you:

  • Cybersecurity professionals perform regular vulnerability testing as per industry standards to ensure you aren’t dealing with overlooked cybersecurity weaknesses.
  • Cybersecurity professionals help you plan and achieve a secure environment to work in.
  • Cybersecurity professionals provide ongoing service and support for any security-related concerns you may have.

The best way to protect yourself is with a little expert assistance – Veo Verde.

We can put our big business cybersecurity expertise to work for you, implementing best practices, identifying vulnerabilities, and protecting you against the more common and dangerous cybercrime threats in the cannabis world.

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