Security Guard Management for Cannabis Businesses

Who watches the watchers? Sure, you’ve hired the best people you can find, and you’ve done the pre-requisite background checks, but isn’t there more to it? There is. Let us help.

Keeping Your Security Guards on Task and Accountable is Key to Having a Secure Grow Facility or Cannabis Dispensary

Every cannabis business owner knows that security is a big issue for the industry as a whole. However, many haven’t gotten to the place in their operational security where they realize that they need an accountability structure for their security personnel.

  • Are they completing their rounds?
  • Are they checking on the inventory?
  • Are they vigilant and alert?
  • Are their reports accurate?
  • Are they following procedures?
  • Are they handling visitors and employees correctly?
  • Are they accessing areas restricted to them?

You need answers to all of these questions and more. Utilizing Security Guard Mangement software is the first place to start. There are half a dozen great options on the market today, and we’d be happy to talk with you about which one would work best for your operation. Best of all, we aren’t financially tied to any one product, so we can give you the unbiased advice you need.

What Are the Most Important Features to Look for in Security Guard Management Software?

  • Ease of Use – The software has to work easily for both your guards and your management staff.
  • High-Level Reporting – The software must have the ability to produce at-a-glance reports as well as have the capability of “drilling down” to specific data related to incidents.
  • Cloud System – The software must have the ability to store data both on-site and in the cloud. That data must be inaccessible to the security guard staff except for data entry.
  • Automatic – The software must not depend solely on security guard data entry. Data about rounds, zone access, etc. must be collected through the physical security system and integrated to the guard management software to get an accurate picture.
  • Real-Time – The software must report in real time to an online control panel. This allows management to receive alerts, see trends, and make informed decisions in real time.

What Security Guard Mangement Software Does Veo Verde Technology Suggest?

When consulting with clients regarding a new implementation of security guard management software, we carefully review the tracking, monitoring, and management requirements. Usually, we suggest TRACKTIC. This software package has three suites that, used in conjunction, are appropriate for most grow or dispensary operations.

Guarding Suite

  • Live Dashboard
  • Guard Tour
  • Reporting
  • Dynamic Tracking
  • Trends and Analytics
  • Client Portal
  • Guarding Toolbox

Mobile+ Suite

  • Dispatch
  • Patrol

Back Office Suite

  • Scheduling and Attendance
  • Contracting and Invoicing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Payroll and Accounting

How Does Veo Verde Help You With Security Guard Management?

We recognize that any cannabis business owner can go online and buy an off-the-shelf security guard management software solution. But we aren’t really in the software sales game. Sure, we can source the right software for you, but our real value to you is shown in these other areas.

  • Software consulting
  • Integration of security guard management software with surveillance and physical access systems
  • Protection of security guard management systems – cybersecurity
  • Implementation of security guard systems
  • Maintenance and management of security guard systems
  • Data collection, storage, and security for security guard systems
  • Data analytics and visual presentation of analytics

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