Access Control Consulting for the California Cannabis Industry – How Secure Are Your Operations?

Access control is an investment in the future of your business. Getting ahead of compliance regulations and state laws in this area is part of getting one step ahead of your competition.

The friendly and skilled staff at Veo Verde Technology can help you implement and maintain these essential access control elements.

  • Perimeter and Interior
  • Emergency Call Box
  • Visitor Management
  • Networked Door Locks
  • Door and Gate Access
  • Restricted Key System
  • Video Intercoms
  • Panic Buttons

Limiting Access to Your Inventory – Cannabis Access Controls

While grow facilities are closed to the public, dispensaries by nature have to have some areas that can be accessed by clients. To maintain security over your inventory and to stay compliant, access controls must be in place. We assist you in determining how best to secure the areas of your business both from external intrusion and also from internal issues.

Cannabis businesses trust Veo Verde to help them with product access control systems because these systems are beneficial to the business.

  • Helps avoid litigation
  • Eliminates the need for physical keys
  • Keeps business from being an easy target
  • Allows for an audit of access – Who? When? Why?
  • Secures confidential data
  • Protects the safety of the inventory
  • Helps keep employees honest
  • Helps develop trust with clients

What Are the IT Essentials of an Access Control System?

  • Access Control Software
  • Real-Time Clock
  • Electronic Product Cabinet Locks
  • Card or Biometric Readers
  • Electronic Door Locks
  • Electronic Perimeter Access Locks

What Role Does IT Play in Your Access Control Strategy?

Nearly every element within your access control system connects to your network. Veo Verde Technology works to:

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