IT Management for Dispensary and Grow Facility Infrastructure

Your cannabis business has grown, so has the technology needed to run your operations. As these two elements of your business have matured, has your IT services solution matured as well? Maybe it’s time to look at an IT management firm with cannabis industry experience.

A Complete IT Services Solution for a Complex Cannabis Business Operation

Your cannabis business – either on the grow or retail side of things – is as complex or even more complex than the average business. You have higher security and compliance concerns than most agricultural companies, and your retail operations face the same complexities.

Now, you find yourself in need of a comprehensive, proactive IT services firm that can handle your growth and the 24/7 nature of your IT systems requirements.

That’s exactly what Veo Verde does. We take care of everything on the IT side of a cannabis business, so you can work on running and scaling the business.

What IT Services Are Available Through Veo Verde Technology?

  • Managed IT Services
  • IoT Monitoring & Management
  • Staff Technology Support
  • Assessment & Consulting
  • Outsourcing Services
  • Project Management
  • Cybersecurity Operations


Are You Looking for an “All in One” IT Services Solution for Your Dispensary or Grow Facility?

Forward-thinking companies care about being proactive about the function and security of their business technology. Veo Verde recognizes the need for this, and we have put together a subscription-based IT Services platform to ensure that cannabis companies with a high demand for always-on technology get exactly what they need.

All of the services mentioned above – and more – can be combined into a tailored IT services package for your business. In return for a predictable monthly fee, we will care for the security, stability, and function of your IT systems. This is an IT support strategy called “Managed IT Services”. Managed IT Services gets your business out of the painful and expensive break/fix cycle and into a place where you can depend on your technology to do what it is supposed to do.

How Much Does Proactive, All-Inclusive IT Support for a California Cannabis Business Cost?

As you likely have already guessed, the cost of securing, streamlining, stabilizing, and constantly maintaining an IT environment varies from business to business. However, it’s fair to say that maintaining an IT environment is always more cost-effective than having the frustration of IT breakdowns, slowdowns, and speedbumps. Added to these challenges can be the very real problems of cybercrime and compliance audit issues. We promise that we will help you keep IT support costs reasonable while ensuring that you have the IT platform you need to keep your business running efficiently 24/7.

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