Workflow Management for the California Cannabis Industry

Are you ready to move your business to a higher level of operational maturity? Many dispensaries and grow facilities began in a rush to meet market demand and are now beginning to look at how to build efficiencies into their processes. We can help.

Is Your Grow Facility or Dispensary Leaving Money on the Table Because of Operational Inefficiencies? Workflow Management

How do you prove to investors that your cannabis business is ready to scale to the next level? Part of what investors want to see is operational maturity. This requires having business processes ironed out and streamlined. They want to see that your yield potential is being realized and that the business side of the operations is as robust as the cultivation of the crop.

How do you prove your efficiency and operational maturity to an investor?

How do you prove to yourself that you aren’t losing money because of inefficiencies in your workflow?

It all comes down to gathering the data, categorizing the data, and analyzing the data.

Veo Verde Employs Workflow Management Specialists that Will Utilize Technology to Help Your Cannabis Business Achieve the Following Benefits

  • Improved Data Collections

Agricultural technology has expanded by leaps and bounds over the past decade. Today, everything in your grow operations can be measured and quantified. Having that data on hand helps you understand more about your plants and what needs to be done to improve your yields.

  • Streamlined Efficiencies

Every organization has some amount of inefficiency and waste. However, minimizing that waste is key to a healthier bottom line and a more competitive posture in the marketplace. Utilizing data analytics and video surveillance can be the first steps toward driving down your inefficiencies.

  • Managed Growth and Margins 

Business growth doesn’t just happen. As one business leader said, “There is a big difference between swelling and growth.” Many cannabis businesses have seen “swelling” but stable, year-over-year growth has to be managed, and margins must be maintained. Veo Verde IT specialists help you manage growth and margins by providing the executive level consulting needed for technology-impacted decisions and data collection/analysis.

  • Batch Manufacturing Tracking

You are already aware that knowing where your product is in the internal process and in distribution channels is essential to help you ensure security, keep up quality, and avoid litigation. What you may not know is that there are technologies on the market that can streamline the tracking of your product from seed to sale and also through the grow, distribution, and sales processes.

  • Managed Organizational Finances 

We’re not here to tell you how to run the finances of your business, but our experienced IT consultants are able to tell you what has worked for others and show you what the data is saying about your operational efficiency. Knowing where to improve is much better than guessing and possibly putting money into areas where you won’t get the most ROI.

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