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How Does Your Cannabis Business Protect Customer Information?

What All Cannabis Businesses Need to Know About Protecting Customer Information There’s no denying that the cannabis industry is booming, and over the next few years, it’s expected to continue growing at a…

  • Feb 28 / 2020

How to Reduce Your Tax Burdens, Despite Section 280E of the IRC

Reduce Your Tax Burdens, Despite Section 280E of the IRC In 1982, Congress enacted Section 280E of the International Revenue Code stating that any businesses performing activities involving the sale of controlled substances,…

  • Feb 24 / 2020

Are You Secure From Today’s Major Cybercrime Threats In The Cannabis Industry?

How to Prepare For Cybercrime Threats In The Cannabis Industry Like any business sector, the cannabis industry must be aware of and protect against cybercrime threats. As the cannabis sector continues to grow…

  • Dec 23 / 2019

Cannabis 280E Audits Incoming
Do You Know What To Expect?

Tax expert and IRS trial lawyer Nick Richards has issued a warning for the cannabis commerce industry – 280E audits are on the way. According to Richards, recent changes in IRS policy could…

  • Dec 2 / 2019

Do Cybercriminals Target Cannabis Businesses?

Are You Prepared for the Cannabis Cybersecurity Risks You Face? Is your cannabis business really protected against the major cybersecurity threats facing the industry? Find out cannabis cybersecurity risks and develop a plan.…

  • Dec 1 / 2019