IT Cybersecurity for the California Cannabis Industry

Designed to provide the best available protection against external & internal threats, iSafe CyberProtect combines a suite of leading-edge security solutions with proactive monitoring to help mitigate cybersecurity threats. Protect your business from cyber-attacks that could jeopardize you financially and damage your reputation.

As your business and grow facility continues adjusting to changing cannabis state laws, federal HIPAA compliance, and stiff regulations, your security systems that monitor and protect your business must also remain functional and up-to-date.

In the beginning, it was easy to stay compliant. But with continued growth, you must see to it that you are continually taking the correct steps to meet or exceed requirements, not just with the privacy of patient data, but also with the protection of assets, i.e., inventory, physical files, along with the facility’s interior and exterior perimeters.

How Do We Secure the IT Environments of Grow Facilities and Dispensaries?

We employ a three-stage process for securing the businesses that partner with us for cybersecurity.

  • Protect – Putting into place the proactive maintenance and management protocols that help to keep incidents from occurring
  • Detect – Monitoring the entire IT environment for any anomaly that may indicate a data breach or a cyber intrusion
  • Respond – Standing by to react quickly to alerts or events that may threaten your operations and resolving any issues efficiently

You need to set-up your outer perimeter of defenses, you need to know when a breach occurs, and you need to respond appropriately when a breach happens. All of this takes consideration and planning to prevent a substantial negative impact to your production or retail operations.

What Is Included in iSafe CyberProtect for Cannabis Dispensaries and Grow Facilities?


Here is a list of IT security options that are included in an iSafe CyberProtect package.

  • Business Continuity Management Backup Management
  • Firewall Management & Monitoring
  • User Administrative Rights Management
  • Antivirus Protection & Monitoring
  • Software & Application Patch Management
  • Best Practices Recommendations
  • Email Protection
  • Secure Internet Gateway
  • Security Audit & External Penetration Testing
  • Disaster Recovery Plan (Development & Management)
  • Security Policy Review
  • On-Demand Employee Security Training
  • Internal Vulnerability Detection
  • Dark Web Identity Protection
  • Advanced Password Management

Add-on Options Available for our iSafe CbyerProtect Security Services


  • iSafe Mobile Device Management

Protect lost or stolen devices from unauthorized access with the push of a button.

  • HIPAA & PCI Assessment & Remediation

Comprehensive assessment services to help meet compliance requirements and prepare for audits.

  • Advanced Business Impact Assessment

Identify, prioritize, and mitigate risks associated with external & internal threats.

  • Consulting & Strategic Guidance

Expert design and implementation of customized security plans.

How Do You Use Technology to Secure Your Entire Operation?

You already know that state law requires 24/7/365 video surveillance, and you likely have electronic physical access controls in place. However, often, those systems have stand-alone software that isn’t interconnected in a way that makes sense for efficiency and security alerts. We work with cannabis businesses to ensure that the physical security they have installed doesn’t present IT security gaps and help them integrate their entire security apparatus into an efficient, user-friendly system.

  • Cameras And Video Storage Security
  • Electronic Door Locks
  • Biometric Access Software
  • Access Cards
  • POS System Security
  • Perimeter Security

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